Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello my name is Kerry and I am a self taught artist. As well as making jewlery, I'm also a  photographer and painter.
I live Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with my husband Pierre and our energetic dog Kodi. Kodi is my side kick, he loves having adventures. Kodi and I are working on a feature for the web site Fun Foto Fridays. Drop in check out the new photo and write a caption...
Travel is one of my passions, I can't help but check out the departure board and think about where I'd like to go next on the way to bagage claim whenever we return from our travels. My husband and I toured parts of Canada, the United States and Europe on our bicycles. We travelled by bike over 10,000 km in two years.
I get inspiration by my travels. Working with different types of materials gets my creative juices flowing. I'm always trying out new techniques and ideas. I love working with new tools.
My summer weekends are spent in my booth at the local farmers' market selling jewelry. 


  1. so fun to learn more about you. that's a lot of miles. can't wait to see what you and kodi come up with for pic tomorrow. now you're one step ahead of me with the blog, and of course, lots of bike miles ahead

  2. How lucky that you're able to travel a lot. Yes, I am sure that traveling and energetic Kodi bring you lots of joy! Happy weekend! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Enjoy the rides! Its beautiful up there I have heard... one day I will get there. Scratch Kodi behind the ears.

    oh, the bike chain necklace pieces... is that from your bike? Really cool idea!

  4. The bike chain is from my old 'townie' bike, not my road bike.